Full Name: George A Georgiou S.C.
Phone:+61 3 9225 7777
Phone:+61 3 9225 8002
Mobile:0419 541 471
Chambers: William Crockett Chambers
Room: 0709
Date of Admission: 2 Apr 1986
Called to the Bar: 31 May 1990
Appointed Silk: 27 Nov 2012


George Georgiou SC completed his articles with Maurice Blackburn & Co and was admitted to practice in 1986. He worked as a solicitor mainly in the personal injury field before spending a year with a small firm in London practising in criminal law. He signed the bar roll in 1990 and since then has practised almost exclusively in criminal law and related areas. In December 1994 George went to do an 8 week locum in Alice Springs. He returned to Melbourne 7 years later. Whilst based in the Territory he appeared as counsel in numerous trials in both Alice Springs and Darwin. In late 2001 he returned to Melbourne to take up a position as a Senior Public Defender with Victoria Legal Aid. He worked in that capacity before returning to the Bar in 2007.

Since coming to the Bar in 1990 George has had extensive experience in all criminal and quasi criminal jurisdictions in Victoria and the Northern Territory. He has appeared in a number of complex and lengthy County and Supreme Court trials. George is a Victoria Legal Aid Criminal Trial preferred barrister.

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Areas of Practice


  • Civil and Human Rights
  • Disciplinary Proceedings


  • Appellate
  • Crimes against the person
  • Drugs
  • Environmental and Planning Offences
  • Extradition
  • Fraud
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Mental Illness
  • Proceeds of Crime/Money Laundering
  • Property Offences
  • Sexual Assault
  • Traffic
  • White Collar and Corporate Crime
  • Work Health and Safety


  • Criminal Appeals


  • Work Health and Safety


  • Commissions and other inquiries
  • Coronial Inquests

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