Full Name: Dr Rishi Gulati
Phone: +61 3 9225 7777
Mobile: +61 (0) 450 662 064
Chambers: Aickin Chambers
Date of Admission: 18 Feb 2011
Called to the Bar: 30 Apr 2015
Qualifications: LLB (Hons) (ANU); LLM (Leiden); PHD (King's College London)
Previous Occupation: Legal Officer Attorney General's Department; Associate Lecturer (UNSW); Research Associate Federal Court of Australia


Rishi Gulati is an international lawyer practicing in public and private international law. He regularly advises and appears before international and national courts in a broad range of international and transnational disputes. He has represented clients at the United Nations Dispute Tribunal, the Asian Development Bank Administrative Tribunal and the Administrative Tribunal of the International Labour Organisation. Further, he has represented or advised clients regarding the internal justice systems of several international organisations, including the UN, ADB, IMF, EBRD, ICC, OPCW, UNICEF, NDB, etc. Rishi has also advised on the immunities of international organisations, including advising on aspects of the Haiti Cholera Litigation. He has also appeared in human rights cases before the UN Human Rights Committee, and the UN Committee Against Torture. Rishi appears before national courts especially in claims involving international and transnational legal issues. Rishi has taught a range of law courses (public international law, international criminal law, international organisations law, human rights law and international arbitration) at various universities around the world. These include ANU, UNSW, King’s College London, London School of Economics (where Rishi is also a Fellow).

Rishi Gulati is on the Roster of FICSA Legal Advisors.

Latest News
December 10, 2018

Rishi Gulati, together with Dr Philippa Webb (Barrister, 20 Essex Street, London) is representing a former employee of the Asian Development Bank headquartered in the Philippines  at the United Nations Human Rights Committee. Recently, a case was filed at the United Nations Human Rights Committee against the Philippines for breaching the complainant's internationally guaranteed human rights, including but not limited to the right to a fair trial provided for by Article 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 1966. The international responsibility of the Philippines has been invoked for it has failed to take any steps to ensure or remedy the violations of the victim’s fundamental human rights. In ensuring that the victim's rights are realised, it is hoped that this case will affirm and establish that host states are held accountable for their failures when public international organisations (such as the ADB) hosted on their territory  engage in a denial of justice.

Media Advisory - 21 June 2018

Rishi Gulati is part of a legal team in a case led by Karim Khan QC in the Supreme Court of Sierra Leone seeking justice for the victims of murder, rape, arbitrary detention, torture, and cruel and inhumane treatment committed in 1998 and 1999 by foreign troops stationed in Sierra Leone during its brutal civil war


  • Committee against Torture, Communication No. 701/2015. Decision adopted by the Committee at its sixtieth session (18 April – 12 May 2017) dated 22 May 2017


Landmark case in Melbourne to set legal precedent for returning foreign fighters (ABC RN, 17 December 2015) Debate over new border force (Sky News, 2 July 2015) Proposed changes to citizenship laws (ABC News 24, 24 June 2015) Terror law changes to be unveiled (Sky News, 23 June 2015)


Opiniojuris, The Conundrum of International Organisations Immunities: Jam et al v International Finance Corporation (Part 1 of 2), 2017, available at,

Opiniojuris, The Conundrum of International Organisations Immunities: Jam et al v International Finance Corporation (Part 2 of 2), 2017, available at,

World Leaders Stranded by Trump Travel Bans

Iraqi Civilians v. Ministry of Defence: Denial of Justice in Cases Involving International Torts 

Stripping Citizenship from Terrorists: A Misguided Tool to Ensure National SecurityInternational Pressure the Key to Citizenship for the Rohingya

Whistleblower Protection at the UN: Reasons for Despair or Hope?

The Anders Kompass Case–A Moment of Opportunity for the UN Internal Justice System


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      Areas of Practice

      Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

      • International Arbitration


      Commercial Law

      • Competition Law & Consumer Law
      • Contractual Disputes
      • Transport Law

      Criminal Law

      • Appellate
      • Corporate / White Collar Crime
      • Extradition
      • Juvenile / Children's Court
      • Mental Illness
      • Proceeds of Crime

      Industrial Relations Law & Employment Law

      • Discrimination

      International Law

      • Public International Law

      Public Law & Administrative Law

      • Constitutional Law
      • Discrimination & Equal Opportunity
      • Extradition
      • Human Rights Law
      • Immigration
      • Information Privacy
      • Judicial Review
      • Merits Review
      • Social Security

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