Foley's List Family Law Breakfast 2015

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Resource Name: Foley's List Family Law Breakfast 2015
Author: Holly Renwick, Jeanette Swann, Marcus Duckett, Emma Swart
Date Uploaded: 10 Sep 2015
Download File: Family Law Breakfast_2015_w.mp4  (Video for 304.53 MB)

The annual Foley's List Family Law Breakfast was held on 10 September, 2015. This video includes presentations from:
Holly Renwick - The Hague Abduction Convention – some practical issues (2015)
Jeanette Swann - A Tax Roadmap for Family Lawyers (2015)
Marcus Duckett - Kennan Adjustments: The financial impact of family violence (2015)
Emma Swart - What's happening at the Family Violence Royal Commission? (2015)

Other presentations by Emma Swart 
Assessing interests and contributions in Family Law property cases (2014)
Costs: Orders, Offers and Risks (2017)
Issues under the Umbrella of Parental Responsibility (2013)
Preparing a Successful Relocation Case (2016)
Relocation cases in the Family Court of Western Australia (2015)