Full Name: Moya E O'Brien
Phone:+61 3 9225 6152
Phone:+61 3 9225 7777
Fax:+61 3 9225 8480
Chambers: Gorman Chambers
Room: 0903
Date of Admission: 4 May 2004
Called to the Bar: 20 Nov 2008


Moya O'Brien practices in all areas of criminal law. She is a Victoria Legal Aid Criminal Trial preferred barrister.

Before joining the Bar, Moya was an associate to Judge Wodak of the Victorian County Court, a solicitor with criminal defence firm, Balmer & Associates and a senior solicitor at the Victorian Office of Public Prosecutions. In addition to her broad criminal law experience, Moya has particular expertise in sexual offence matters.

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Areas of Practice


  • Disciplinary Proceedings
  • Judicial Review and administrative law


  • Appellate
  • Crimes against the person
  • Proceeds of Crime/Money Laundering
  • Traffic

Family Law and Guardianship

  • Care and Protection


  • Work Health and Safety


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