Full Name: Simon K McGregor
Phone:+61 3 9225 6439
Chambers: William Crockett Chambers
Room: Level 6
Date of Admission: 2 May 1994
Called to the Bar: 22 May 1997
Qualifications: BA, LLB


Simon McGregor (B.A., LL.B.) has twenty years’ trial experience that combines statutory jurisdictions with knowledge of common law and equitable doctrines.   He has been at the forefront of developing proceeds of crime and human rights law in Victoria.  His work has recently dealt with:

  • confiscation of criminal assets or proceeds of crime, crimes compensation, and contempt of court;
  • ex parte applications such as injunctions and freezing orders, tracing;
  • torts (including professional negligence and personal injury);
  • administrative law (merits and judicial review), guardianship, specialist or disciplinary tribunals; and
  • breaches of confidentiality and estoppel;
  • commercial law, trusts and real property;
  • coronial inquests, royal commissions, ombud & IBAC investigations, other inquiries;
  • human rights law and discrimination.

In addition to his litigation experience, he has conducted mediations, human rights training with private law firms and government departments, and advised on commercial and not-for-profit sector transactions.  He has held retainers involving policy and law reform matters.

He was admitted to practice in 1994 and signed the Bar role in 1997, reading with His Honour Justice Jack Forrest. 

Simon is a member of the Law Council of Australia’s Anti-Money Laundering working group and both the Supreme Court and County Court’s Confiscation List Users Group.  He is also on the Common Law Bar Association Committee and is Co-convenor of the Victorian Bar Charter of Human Rights Discussion Group. 

His readers include Anna kelly (née Forsyth), Gideon Boas, Penny Harris, Max Hume, Daniel Nguyen and Eamonn Kelly.  He is also a mentor with the Indigenous Lawyers Committee.


Recent significant cases:

S M v County Court of Victoria [2017] VSC 604.  Judicial Review of County Court jurisdictional ruling on appeal from Children’s Court care by Secretary order made by Children’s Court. Statutory interpretation on the nature of the Appeal and definition of a child.  

Lam v AFP [2017] VSCA 9 (with Moses SC) and at first instance in AFP v Lam [2016] VCC (with Lyon QC).  Coercive examination orders. Legitimate forensic purpose.

Hickey v Victorian Institute of Teaching (Review and Regulation) [2017] VCAT 1622. Disciplinary allegations, mental health issues and the extent to which material arising after panel’s decision is taken into account on merits review when there have been changes to empowering provisions since the panel original decision.

Medical Board of Australia v Abi Haila (Review and Regulation) [2017] VCAT 1627. Medical practitioner working in ‘anti-ageing’ clinic run by a dietician and personal trainer who referred patients with test results in the normal range seeking testosterone and human growth hormone.

Pereira v Psychology Board of Australia [2016] VCAT 1882 (with Freckelton QC): Specialist Endorsements and Transitional schemes in uniform national laws.

ACN 131 110 220 Pty Ltd v Lakic [2016] VCC 725: Solicitor’s conditional fee agreement upheld, overwhelming majority of solicitor’s negligence claim resisted.

Lakic v Prior [2016] VSC 293:  Overwhelming majority of solicitor’s negligence claim resisted, and set off for unpaid professional fees allowed. Alleged Baltic Shipping damages subject to Wrongs Act thresholds. Agresta v AFP [2016] VCC:  Exclusion applications by parents of drug trafficker refused on the basis of circumstantial evidence and poor credibility.  Pecuniary Penalty Order made as well.

AFP v Wang & Ors [2016] VSC 243:  Coercive examination orders under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 made, evidentiary foundations considered.

2016: Obtained coercive examination orders, with costs, under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (Cth) in suppressed proceedings in the County Court. Victorian Ombudsman, Investigation of a protected disclosure complaint regarding allegations of improper conduct by councillors associated with political donations

[2015]:  appeared on behalf on an exonerated subject of the investigation.  Privilege against self –incrimination during coercive processes. 2015: Various appearances in suppressed proceedings: ·         in the Supreme Court of Victoria, and
·         before the Royal Commission on Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse  

Dental Board of Australia v Ham (Review and Regulation) [2014] VCAT 1534 (opposed to Freckelton QC):  Appeared on behalf of the Board in a multi-factorial breach case.

Death in Custody Inquest re Singh [2014/ 867]: Counsel Assisting the Coroner in relation to a suicide in an immigration detention centre. 

Application by the Australian Federal Police (No.2) [2014] VSC 191 (with Rapke QC):  ex parte Restraining Order, Extraterritorial effect of legislation, Money in foreign bank accounts.  

Qing Zhao and Xing Jin v The Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police [2014] VSCA 137 (with D. Neal QC), Jackson v AFP [2013] VCC, AFP v Safadi [2013] VCC 2057: Stay applications where concurrent criminal and civil proceedings. 

Robert Cochrane Kindergarten v Free Kindergarten Association [2013] VSC (with J. Gleeson QC):  Constructive trusts, equitable estoppel, injunctions and complex compensation issues involving the ownership and use of land by not-for-profit associations over a 90 year period.  Settled at second mediation. 

AFP v Barbaro [2013] VCC per McInerney J: Proceeds of Crime, Organised crime, largest Pecuniary Penalty Order made in Australia.

Pickering v Killians Walk Owners Corporation [2013] VCC 1206 : Occupier liability claim, Wrongs Act thresholds, case management.

Parolee Murders Inquest re Burton & Hawkins [2013] : Counsel Assisting the State Coroner in relation to the parolee murders, involving suppression, redaction and publication orders.

Kerang Level Crossings Inquest re Long, Parker, Stubbs & Lee [2012] : Counsel representing the Department of Health in relation to the emergency medical response.

McMunn v DPP [2010] VSCA 330, (with M. Derham QC)  McMunn v DPP (Vic) [2009] VSC 44 :  Fraud, equitable tracing, indefeasibility of title, and proceeds of crime.

R J E v Secretary to the Department of Justice [2008] VSCA 265 (with G. Thomas QC):  First Victorian Charter case heard by the Court of Appeal. Right to liberty, freedom of movement and right to privacy arising from Extended Supervision Orders.

Metcalfe v Commonwealth of Australia [2006] VSC 105 (with J. Richards QC):  Complex economic loss, limitation period, estoppel and psychological Injury.


Legal Writing:

“After a Royal Commission: Proceeds of Crime & Civil Penalties” paper presented at the Foley’s List Seminar Series on 13 February 2018 at Monash University Chambers, Melbourne, Victoria.

“Refusal of potentially life-saving treatment for minors: The emerging international consensus by courts” Journal of Law and Medicine, Vol 23/4, June 2016. Comparative law piece on the parens patriae jurisdiction, co-authored with Dr Ian Freckelton QC.

“In Support of Redress for Survivors of Institutional Child Abuse”, position paper for The Victorian Bar, October 2015, co-authored with Dr. Gideon Boas.

 “Commentary on the Lawyers’ Guide to Preventing Money Laundering”, Law Council of Australia, October 2015, co-authored with Christian Juebner.

 “Coronial Law and Practice: a human rights perspective”, Journal of Law and Medicine, Vol 21/3, March 2014.

“Human Rights and Review of the Involuntary Status of Patients with a Mental Illness: Kracke after Momcilovic”, Psychiatry, Psychology and Law, Vol 17(2), May 2010, 173-186., co authored with Dr Ian Freckelton QC.

“Public Authorities under the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities”, Law Institute Journal, Vol 82.06, June 2008, at p.62. 

 “The Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities: A Practitioner's Guide”, Victorian Bar CLE paper, 9 August 2007, co-authored and presented with Brian Walters QC.


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Areas of Practice

Common Law/Personal Injury

  • Appellate
  • Dust Diseases
  • Insurance - disability claims
  • Intentional Torts
  • Judicial Review - motor accident
  • Judicial Review - workers compensation
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Negligence
  • Professional Negligence
  • Work Injury Damages
  • Workers Compensation


  • Appellate
  • Bankruptcy
  • Building and Construction
  • Consumer Protection Law
  • Contractual Disputes
  • Corporate Insolvency
  • Corporations Law
  • Insurance
  • Professional Liability
  • Real Property
  • Restraint of Trade
  • Securities and Investments
  • Superannuation
  • Transport Law - Admiralty/Aviation/Maritime


  • Appellate
  • Civil and Human Rights
  • Constitutional Law
  • Disciplinary Proceedings
  • Discrimination
  • Extradition
  • Judicial Review and administrative law
  • Liquor Licensing
  • Merits Review
  • Social security and veterans' entitlements
  • Privacy/Freedom of Information
  • Proceeds of Crime


  • Extradition
  • Fraud
  • Proceeds of Crime/Money Laundering
  • Property Offences
  • White Collar and Corporate Crime
  • Work Health and Safety


  • Appellate
  • Family Provision
  • Real Property
  • Trusts
  • Wills and Probate


  • Discrimination
  • Employment Contracts and Restraint of Trade
  • Work Health and Safety


  • Commissions and other inquiries
  • Coronial Inquests

Committee Memberships

  • Common Law Bar Association Committee
From 1 Jul 2008, liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.

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