Foley's List acknowledges the contribution to the Victorian Bar and to the List of its many notable barristers. This oral history features recorded and transcribed interviews with our members. There are also links to the Victorian Bar oral history section, which features many Foley's List members in interviews and multimedia slideshows.

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Each interview is separated into short chapters for convenient viewing.

Con Heliotis

Con Heliotis QC
An interview with Con Heliotis conducted on 23 March, 2016.

Philip Dunn

PhilipDunn QC
An interview with Philip Dunn conducted on 22 March, 2016.

Christopher Canavan

Christopher Canavan QC
An interview with Christopher Canavan QC conducted on March, 2016.

Ian Hayden

Ian Hayden
An interview with Ian Hayden conducted on 21 May, 2015.

Richard Stanley QC

Richard Stanley QC
An interview with Richard Stanley QC conducted on 21 May, 2015.

Colin Lovitt QC

Colin Lovitt QC
An interview with Colin Lovitt QC conducted on 20 April 2015.

The Honourable John Harber Phillips - Foley's Barrister List

The Honourable John Harber Phillips AC QC (1933 - 2009)
Interview with The Honourable John Harber Phillips AC QC, conducted May 2009.

The Honourable Heather Carter - Foley's Barrister List

The Honourable Heather Carter
Interview with The Honourable Heather Carter, conducted July 2009.

Peter O'Callaghan QC - Foley's Barrister List

Peter O'Callaghan QC
A video interview with Peter O'Callaghan QC, conducted July 2009. in 2012, Peter was named a Legend of the Victorian Bar in this same year.

John Walker QC - Foley's Barrister List

John Walker QC
A video interview with John Walker QC, conducted December 2009.

Frank Costigan QC - Foley's Barrister List

Frank Costigan QC
The Victorian Bar Oral History Project includes an Audio/Visual presentation on the career of the late Frank Costigan QC.

Henry Jolson OAM, QC - Foley's Barrister List

Henry Jolson OAM, QC (1947 - 2013)
This interview with Henry Jolson OAM, QC was conducted in December 2012; the same year he was named a Legend of the Victorian Bar...




Pioneers of the victorian bar

First 25 Women at the Bar Slideshow
Courtesy of the Women Barristers Association and the Victorian Bar


Six of the first ten women at the Bar were members of Foley's List.
#1 Joan Rosanove
#4 Norma O'Connor
#5 Gladys Hain
#6 Allayne Kiddle
#7 Mary "Molly" Kingston
#9 Lynnette Schiftan

Multimedia Slideshow presentation featuring John Coldrey QC
Courtesy of the Victorian Bar